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  • Ayurveda herbal steam bath for the full benefit of your relaxation and rejuvenation, and detoxification, we are truthfully promised for all customer for genuine Ayurveda experience There are herbal things should be used according to prakurthi, physical condition .so inside warm herbal steam and .natural leaves are used it. Have fun

  • Ayurveda food preparation is one of the ways of healthy living style method. It is different comparing with Sri Lankan food and Indian food preparation method. Because of when we making Ayurveda food we add herbal seed, herbal powder and herbal ingredient such as grains like mungdhal .greengram, chickpea,rulan,habalapethi , most essential thing

  • Eliminate toxic radical in the body and through disease causative fact, maintain the equilibrium of dosha .This fivefold therapeutic methods are playing a major role in neuromuscular disease rheumatological disease, gastrointestinal disease. promote preservation, maintenance, conservation of health, and promote longevity. Panchakarma treatment #1.Vamana (Therapeutic Emesis) #2.Virechana (Therapeutic Purgation) #3.Vasthi (Medicated oil enema,decoction enema) #4.Nasya ( Nasal